Health Alliance Reaches Capacity for Individual Enrollment

This is an announcement that was just released.  Please read below or click on the link to read it on Health Alliance's site. With the exit of many plans from the individual market and large premium increases from other plans, we knew we couldn’t absorb all of the potential members from the areas we [...]

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How do I know what the best healthcare policy is for me?

The best healthcare policy is the policy that fits your health, lifestyle, habits, and budget, taking into consideration yourself and your entire family. Finding this balance takes some research, or requires some guidance from your independent insurance advisor. You’re reading this because you’re probably uncertain about how healthcare insurance works especially with the nationwide changes [...]

What does my health insurance cover?

Whether you have health insurance provided by your employer, or you purchase it on your own, it can be hard to know what exactly is covered by your insurance. Will it cover your prescription pills? What about an annual check-up? Does it matter what doctor or provider you see? The answer to these questions--and any [...]

Do I Qualify for Financial Help on My Health Insurance?

Health insurance can be expensive, we all know that. So what happens when you or your family don’t make a large enough income to purchase ample health care coverage? What if your employer doesn’t offer health care, where else can you find it? The good news is, it is possible to receive financial aid for [...]

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Fall safety reminders from your friendly neighbors in Centralia

There's no better people to remind you about Fall and Winter safety tips than your friendly neighborhood insurance gurus. Why? Because we see how many people take the simplest precautions for granted, and then we get into a serious bind. So here are 5 things we know that will sustain you through the Fall and Winter [...]

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Easy home improvements to make before winter hits Illinois

With summer officially coming to an end in Centralia, it’s time to re-evaluate all the summer projects you wanted to do to your home and decide whether there are any new projects you want to get done before the winter weather hit . . . or if you still need to do them all. If [...]

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Do you know how to prevent fraud in your small business?

Did you know... 5% of businesses lose revenue to fraud and the average loss is $145,000 It can take up to 18 months to detect fraud and most businesses that lose money, never recover it As a business owner, you rely on your own employees to keep your business afloat - from interacting with customers, [...]

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Sending your kid off to college with the right insurance

Sending your child off to college is a weird feeling - as a parent you’re proud of the fact that your child was accepted into a university, but you’re also sad to see them go out on their own and leave the home you created for them. How can you make sure your child is [...]

House fire prevention: how to store and dispose of oily rags

Summer and fall are the perfect time to start and finish home improvement projects before winter weather hits. One popular improvement project is remodeling, or re-staining a home’s deck. The deck is the perfect place to relax on warm evenings, so it only makes sense to get your front or backyard deck in its finest [...]

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Do I really need travel insurance?

What does your dream vacation look like? Odds are, it doesn’t involve lost baggage, a major injury, or a cancelled flight. But what if either of those incidents happened? Is travel insurance really worth it? While most people quickly skip over the thought of travel insurance, in some cases it does make sense, and in some [...]

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